Selections for Friends

Jason Mraz Selections for Friends Lyrics
1.Welcome to Schubas(Medley): The E Minor EP in F Sharp

3.03 Did You Get My Message?(Live from Shubas)

4.Snakes in Schubas(Live from Shubas)

5.Childlike Wildlife(Live from Shubas)

6.Welcome to Saratoga: Older Lover Undercover(Live from Montalvo)

7.Sleeping to Dream(Live from Montalvo)

8.God Rests In Reason(Live from Montalvo)

9.Life Is Wonderful(Live from Montalvo)

10.Did You Get My Message?(Live from Montalvo)

11.Please Don't Tell Her(Live from Montalvo)

12.Song for a Friend(Live from Montalvo)

13.10,000 Motherf___ers(Live from Montalvo)

14.14 The Beauty In Ugly(Ugly Betty Version)