Assorted Singles

Britney Spears Assorted Singles Album

4.I'll Never Stop Loving You(Japan)

They say in this world
Nothing lasts forever
But i don't believe that's true
'Cause the way that I feel
When we're together
I know that's the way
I'll always feel for you

From now until forever
That's how long I'll be true
I'll make you this vow
And promise you now
Until forever
I'll never stop loving you

There'll come a day
When the world stops turning
And stars will fall from the sky
But this feeling will last
When the sun stops burning
All Iwanna do is love you
Till the end of time

Chorus (1x)

It's gonna take more than a lifetime
To give you all the love
All the love i feel for you tonight

Chorus (1x)