Britney Jean

Britney Spears Britney Jean Album


I can't let go of control
I can't let go and not know
Don't know the way ahead of me
One day at a time is all I need
There was a time without trust
There was a time without love
But it took you to show me
I could hand over the keys

I'll let you lead the way now
Cus I want you to take the wheel
I've never been a passenger though
I never knew how good it would feel
The road will twist and turn but
I know that I am in good hands
I've never been a passenger, no
But we'll see more without a map (without a map x3)

So let's take a walk and get lost
Let's take a chance on finding us
I wanna see the world with you
Every step feels so brand new
It's hard to jump with no net
But I've jumped and got no regret
The co-pilot, yeah that's right
I know I can trust and just enjoy the ride

I know we're finally falling
Cus I was giving you half no more than
My hand's in the air while you drive
This is living, This is living, This is living (yeah)